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Full Service Design

Our Full-Service Design is designed for clients who desire a comprehensive and hands-on approach to transform their space into a beautifully curated haven. With this service, our team will guide you through every step of the design process, from concept development to final installation.

Whether you are embarking on a comprehensive home renovation or seeking to create a serene nursery, our full-service design package offers a seamless and integrated approach. With a perfect fusion of design expertise and construction management, we bring together every element of your space to create a harmonious and captivating design.

Our process begins with a free 15-minute Discovery Call, where we learn more about you and your project. This is also a time for you to answer any questions you have that might not have been answered in our Investment Guide. 

Throughout the project, we handle all aspects of project management, coordinating with contractors, artisans, and suppliers to ensure a seamless and timely execution.

Read more about our process below. Ready to get started? Submit your inquiry to receive your Investment guide and an invitation to schedule your free Discovery call.


Discovery Call + Initial visit


Design creation + presentation


Ordering, tracking + receiving


Delivery implementation


Install day

Our design journey starts with a complimentary 15-minute phone call, where we'll go over your project goals, budget, and timeline. It's a chance for us to give you the lowdown on our process and answer any questions you have. Then, during our in-home design consultation, you’ll show us all the ideas and spaces you want to transform, and we’ll gather all the details we need to craft your project proposal. After the initial visit, we’ll send over a proposal with all the details and the estimated cost of the project.

Your project starts off with some homework, a questionnaire and a Pinterest inspo board. After reviewing your homework, we’ll have a concept design meeting where we’ll go over the visual direction, color palette and floor plan options. This is followed by your design presentation where we go into the fabric, materials and furniture selections.

Once the designs are nailed down, we’ll continue with ordering and tracking of all fabrics, materials and furniture. We use a receiving warehouse for furniture deliveries in order to make sure everything is delivered at the same time.

We work closely with the general contractor to make sure all details of our design are installed and completed the way we intended.

Install day is when it finally comes together. This is the day, or days, when all the furniture is delivered and all the styling elements are installed to complete your design.


If you have a vision you'd like us to work on, kindly fill out the inquiry form and share a few details about your project. We will get back to you with your Investment Guide and your invitation to schedule your Discovery Call within 48 hours.

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